Junk Free June, Round 2

Today is the first day of Junk Free June. This is my second year taking part. Must not cave. Must not eat the boys leftovers. Must not be tempted by the giant Dairy Milk for just £1 when I go to buy milk.

Last year I was pretty impressed with my avoidance of all things sugar and fried. However after the month of June, did I carry on? Did I feck?! After a week or so a little bit of chocolate sneaked into the house, a packet of crisps while I was at the laptop. All the little things I’d manage to wheedle out, slowly started entering my life/mouth again. Totally my fault. I can keep motivation for so long then it always seems to wane away.

In March I had a mad burst of fitness, gym every second day, weights, running, crazy sweaty classes, morning smoothies, good food. Felt great, stamina surged, heavy breathing dropped, lost 4lbs. Then I got a throat infection, couldn’t go to the gym, started eating nonsense and it all went down hill. By the time I was better my impetus to get to the gym had completely vanished.

So here we are again. Junk Free June. The last few days of May have been ruled by eating every sugary and junk food item in sight, totally logical (ahem). Off to the gym tonight to weigh myself properly and lets get started. I’ve already looked at last years weight from this time and know the wee print out is going to be a lot harder to stomach. If only the Dairy Milk was.

Final sugar rush luxuries from yesterday (I did share them).
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