Resolutions, A Life Improvement

I am not the best version of myself. Far from it. I’ve seen a few anti resolutions posts this last week, encouraging people to embrace who and what they are, stick with what they know and don’t stress out or challenge themselves with any new goals. If it works for them great, not for me. I don’t know any many people who are truly happy with themselves. Be it their jobs, fitness levels, bodies, relationships, mental health, money or something else, many people are on a continuous journey to improve their lives.

I have problems in all of the areas mentioned above and that scares me. Work, fitness levels, body, relationship problems – all caused by me. Mental health and money issues, probably down to me as I suspect these have been caused by the other 4. Some things can’t be changed, some things I can attempt to remedy and will at least make the effort to.

3 months from now you will thank yourself, edinmummy

Like millions of others I’m more than happy to set myself resolutions at the start of every year. Having new goals and setting out at the same time as so many others gives me more reason to push myself. Like many of those others I’ll sometimes lose my way, rewrite and set new goals at the start of every month (and quite a lot of Mondays). I guess these are resolutions too but they don’t get called that at any other time of year. I don’t go into every new year expecting failure, but I also know that after many years my willpower isn’t as great as it should be. Every day life gets in the way and that’s what I need to change. Life.

Some of my goals are the obligatory ones that 80% will set. There’s also a few I won’t be writing down here as are too personal to be online. Yes a blog is a personal account of ones life, but sometimes a line has to be drawn.

I wonder if putting resolutions online makes people a bit more accountable? I look forward to finding out. Here’s 10 of my priority resolutions.

  1. Walk 5 miles at least once every 3 weeks
  2. More sleep. Have early nights
  3. Better time management
  4. More fresh air
  5. Relax more
  6. Limit time spent online
  7. Save money
  8. Lose at least 1 stone
  9. Do paperwork/accounts monthly
  10. Cut down on the negatives (certain food/drink/people)

There’s so many I could expand on or so many more I could add. For now these are my musts. Children related resolutions also fall within numbers 3, 4, 5 and 7. Business resolutions, I could write a book.

If you’re starting your resolutions in a couple of days, good luck. If a little goal setting and resolution fun helps you get started I’m all for it. If you stumble and end up inhaling chocolate and tequila by the 4th Jan, so be it. We can but try. Again.



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