Choose Family

For the days when I’m screaming and it’s not yet 9am. For the days I want to pack a bag and escape. For the days when I realise how different life may have been. For the days I realise how lucky I am. Choose Family.

Choose children
Choose sons
Choose daughters
Choose family

Choose cold coffee
Choose dry shampoo, kicked shins
Stained clothes, jeans and trainers.
Choose Friday nights in

Choose spoon fed
Choose baby led weaning
Food on the floor, walls and ceilings
Choose getting judged for your choices

Choose repetition
Choose competitive parenting
Choose not getting out the house on time
Choose shoes everywhere but on feet

Choose little sleep
Choose beans on toast
Choose changing nappies and getting shit in your nails
Choose screaming

Choose front sleeping
Choose back sleeping
Choose co-sleeping
Choose any fucking sleeping, just sleep

Choose a papoose
Choose a designer buggy
One that costs a fortune and is too wide for the pavement
Choose taking an hour to leave the house

Choose standing on Lego
Choose bogies on walls, muddy floors
Thumb sucking and rows about teeth brushing
Choose constant snacks

Choose walking slowly
Choose petting every dog you walk past and
Pointing out aeroplanes, buses and fire engines
Choose jumping in puddles.

Choose fighting
Choose bickering
Choose sibling rivalry
Choose closing the door and ignoring them

Choose shouting
Choose tears and exhaustion
Choose wondering if you’re doing it right
Choose fear

Choose playground politics and party invites
Choose after school clubs
And taking out a second mortage to pay for swimming lessons
Choose little thanks

Choose overdue haircuts
Choose getting drunk on one drink
And the hangover from hell whilst a toddler jumps on your face
Choose never drinking again

Choose laughing at fart jokes
Choose hugs and enjoying the little things
Those are also the big things
Choose a happy kind of tired.

Choose unconditional love
Choose sons
Choose daughters
Choose family

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31 thoughts on “Choose Family

    1. Thanks Claire, glad you liked it. Not always funny at the time, but once they’re asleep it gets a little better πŸ˜‰

  1. hahaha so hilarious! And it is all true, I don’t have kids myself but I see how my sister and relatives struggle with their children and still, they will not change that for anything else in their lives.

  2. For starters, I love your blog. This was such a sweet little poem. Reminds you of what is always going to come first πŸ™‚ My family is my world <3

  3. Not a mom yet, not even close, but I’ve always scared by the idea of the commitment. Nice to see an insider look that seems to make it all worth it

  4. Yes! And this just made me think back to being a teenager with the choose life poster on my wall… how little I knew

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