I’m a bit shit really. How do you do it all?

Yep, the title and the fact it’s November says it all. How do people (who aren’t full time bloggers) find time to get this done?¬†Looking after 2 children, 3 jobs, trying to keep the house in some sort of cleanliness and as much sleep in between as possible (which isn’t much) somehow I haven’t found the time to update this blog. I’m shit. I know people have a lot more than me to deal with in every day life and manage. Need to find a better work/life/blog balance!


Currently the littlest one is on the floor along with 3 Mr Potato Heads dismembered around him. Numerous jigsaw pieces from numerous jigsaws, about 300 pens and pencils, a pile of books, the remnants from various party bags stolen from his big brother and various other nonsense and things he probably shouldn’t be playing with.

I’m trying to tidy up, get a wash on, order the school photo which is nearly overdue, reply to customers, get my books done (late again), make the smallest (chicken poxed) person lunch, get a casserole on for everyone for tea, put away the shopping, do the washing up, take out the recycling, pick up the crumbs all over the floor from breakfast, clean the work surfaces, put away the clean clothes which have been sat on a chair for over 2 weeks, write thank you cards (nearly a month since the party), update my Facebook and Twitter business pages. And oh my god just a gazillion other things. With all this on top of everything else HOW AND WHERE do you find the time to do it all??


Advice Welcomed!

ps. written on zero brainpower and in 5mins while littlest dismantled potato pus again so might not be 100% accurate.

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