A friend of mine won’t go for coffee with other mums in a local café. The reason? Their lives seem so perfect she feels inferior and as if she can’t compete. Compete. Why do people feel the need to compete? Can’t we be the people and the parents we are without trying to attain a higher level of parenting? If you’re trying your best, other than what you perceive it to be, surely it doesn’t exist. Perfect lives. Far from it. The ten minute school gate perception can be very different to how home life really is. Isn’t everyone winging it? Some just manage to portray a greater height of calm on a daily basis. Everyone has a story, problems and their own issues going on that you don’t know about. They’re just better at hiding it. Friends. If you surround yourself with people you feel the need to impress or match in general everyday life maybe it’s time to move within new groups? I know that’s easier said than done and making new and friendships of value as you get older isn’t always that simple. Do your friends make you feel better about yourself? Do they bring you confidence without unrealistic hopes? Are they encouraging? Try and surround yourself with people who are upbeat and who focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Glass half full people. Move on and up from the people who belittle you or bring you down.

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