Our Haven at Haggerston

Last summer we went on our third holiday to Haggerston Castle. My four year old was offered a week in Majorca,
“but Mummy, I only want to go to Haddingston Castle, pleeeeeease”. Who am I to argue?

Now I’m not a big fan of Murdoch or tabloid tat. However I am a big big fan of saving money, having fun and trying to keep myself and my family as stress free as possible. And that’s what Haggerston has delivered us every year so far. Booking a Sun newspaper holiday for the first time in 2013 I was incredibly skeptical. I reasoned to myself if it was truly awful we were less than a 2 hour drive back to Edinburgh. I couldn’t understand how a weeks holiday for less than £150 could really be as great as they made out. Still we read the testimonials and spurred on by them went ahead and booked.

Three years and 6 Sun holidays (we’ve also been to Tummel Valley and Ballycastle) later we’ll be returning for as long as our wee ones enjoy it, I reckon that’s likely another decade at least.

Our Haggerston trip last year was probably our best yet. WeeB (4 at the time) had loads of confidence and energy and was more than happy to throw himself into everything. Activity bundles cost £40 and can be used on various activities across the park, although many are free to under 5’s anyway which is a bonus as the bundle doesn’t expire. Assuming we don’t lose we’ll be using the valid points left another time.

WeeB took part in archery, aqua gliders, water walkerz, football and swimming. All the activity staff were insanely enthusiastic. The instructor for the water based activities was especially good. He really brought out WeeB’s confidence and (within an hour) turned him from a wee boy who has always hated being splashed, to a wee boy who fell off his aqua glider, went underwater (was wearing a life jacket) and came up laughing. Amazing!

The park itself is vast but easily walkable. The caravan areas are split into different named sections and all numbered so it’s easy to find yours. The last 2 years we had been in the Carnoustie area which was a great location near the play park. This year we were in Lakeside and the only complaint I’d have is being near the water meant a lot of geese were waddling round, resulting in goose crap all over the grass making it hard for our 20 month old to walk without getting dirty.

We had a great time on the big swan pedalo on the huge lake. There are no belts so I sat in the back with the littlest to stop his best anchor attempts.

Fast forward to January this year and I got an email telling me Sun holidays can be booked




Aqua Jetters

Aqua gliders



Pedalo swan


Disco (every night till 2230hrs)


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