About Me

Always tired. Always stays up late. Thirty something years. Two boys (aged 6 and 3). One husband. Two jobs. Eleven stone and shrinking.

my boys, rain, lists, other drivers waving/flashing their lights to say thanks, Mother India, notepads, polka dots, having a balanced spreadsheet, storage boxes, Jack Daniels, soy sauce, Branston pickle ….

Dislikes: slugs, coffee, ironic spelling, people not saying thank you, litter dropping, frizzy hair, seeing a digital clock change from :59 to :00, products for parents that are aimed at mums only, designer handbags, resealable packs ….

Blog: boys, budgets, bargains, family, food, health, mental health, hopes, work, weight loss, reviews, rants, tips, travel.

An honestly honest lifestyle blog.

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